A premium selection of sensational essentials

A luxurious gift set ideal for celebrating a new home, a promotion, a life milestone, or just to say thank you for a job well done. This basket brings together a selection of sensational flavours, opulent textures and stunning visual design.

Your recipient will delight in:

  • Beautiful fair-trade date leaf basket handcrafted for us by women in Bangladesh, providing life-changing income. Perfect for reuse around the home or as a stylish market basket – a gift in itself
  • Beautiful coffee table book* showcasing the latest in Australian architecture, interior design and family living
  • Eucalyptus-scented camphor laurel wooden platter, hand-carved in Queensland, perfect in the kitchen or for entertaining
  • Award-winning small-batch olive oil from the NSW central tablelands with a deep green colour and a smooth finish on the palate
  • Beautifully presented signature Persian lime and lemongrass infused candle, hand- poured in Sydney
  • Masculine and fresh small-batch soap, scented with anise, cinnamon and citrus essential oils and handsomely packaged
  • Premium bottle of boutique Australian red or white wine (750 ml)

    *Book may vary due to availability, season and latest trends