Living Basket puts the thought back into gift-giving.


The days of sending valued clients throw-away pieces of branded merchandise and cheap unoriginal hamper fillers are thankfully becoming a thing of the past. Gifts should be unique and carefully considered, with the particular needs, tastes and joy of the recipient in mind.

Living Basket puts the thought back into gift-giving, specialising in premium gifts for the corporate sector.

Inspired by the relaxed Northern Beaches lifestyle, Genevieve Taylor has sought gifts which are natural, ethically produced and handcrafted by independent, talented Australian artisans. From the beautifully scented camphor laurel and eucalypt chopping boards made in Far North Queensland, to wines from the Hunter Valley and Mudgee and the famous bloke soap from Western Australia, Genevieve is very particular about the product range and committed to creating a collection which is beautiful, distinctive and memorable.

Every gift is beautifully presented in quality reusable packaging. The exquisite and functional date leaf baskets are handcrafted by Bangladeshi women, generating life-changing income for their villages.

After founding Nourish Store (a gift business)  in 2012, Genevieve observed a broader market need for quality corporate gift solutions for clients and staff- They wanted truly premium gifts that appropriately reflected the gratitude and appreciation from the giver, bespoke gifts that are natural, eco-friendly and sincere.

Genevieve has spent years searching for unique artisans and craftspeople throughout Australia to create Living Basket’s premium gift collection.

These beautiful gifts breathe with the heart and soul of Australia’s talented creators.